Hello There!
Welcome to the short & sweet English language page!
Whether you live here, are visiting the area or happen to be in town on a layover or business trip....if you are here during one of the Takeover Friday events, you are more than welcome to drop by and join our event!
The concept is easy: Gays and Lesbians show up at a local pub or restaurant that is traditionally not frequented by the gay community here in Mainz. We takeover the place and make it "ours" for the evening.
No registration is necessary. Just show up, eat, drink, get to know some new people, see some old friends and enjoy. You can come alone, bring some friends or drag the entire crew with you! The more the merrier!
Now you know the story and I admit that it is a little strange for an American guy (that's me) living in Germany to run a German language website(ok ok ok, it is really in Dinglisch) to promote an idea that he actually borrowed from his hometown in the USA. But, hey, life can be strange sometimes, especially for gay ex-pats!
You can drop me an email at: and I will put you on the mailing list. The location is usually published 10 days or so before the event.
So, that's it. Hope to see you soon!
Cheers and CU, Christoph, LuDwig und Peter